How the INW Young Life is Poised for the Future

A Deep Heritage:

  • Region encompasses all of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. 
  • Has existed in different forms for 60 years.  
  • Includes rural, small town and regional metropolitan communities. 
  • Rich history of making an impact on the lives of kids.  
  • It is comprised of Long-term ministries and more recently developed opportunities.  

A Strong Team:

  • We have 25 staff members, including nine senior staff members each having more than 10 years of YL staff experience.  
  • We have a “deep bench” on the local and regional level.  
  • Our regional board is dynamic, active, ready to move forward.  

Wise Stewardship:

  • 90% of fiscal months in financial surplus.  
  • Predominantly volunteer driven  
  • We are building the future while sustaining strong work.  


A Great Need:

  • Currently reaching out to 37% of the high-schools in the region.
  • Thousands of kids and dozens of communities still unreached.
  • Investing in the next generation is what we do best.